Safe drivers deserve better. Join and instantly get into rewards. All of them!

Active Challenges (November)

Best Drivers in Singapore

Your everyday rides can change the game. Drive as usual, check your score in the app and get to the leaderboard.

🥇 $100 petrol, 🎟 , The Title Cap
🥈 $50 petrol, 🎟
🥉 $25 petrol, 🎟
🔟  free coffee

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Constructors' Competition

Whatever car you drive, you will join the constructor's team. Your casual Honda's rides build the Honda's team score, so you can compete with Mercs or Toyota or... everyone!

🥇 petrol, 🎟 , The Title Cap
🥈 petrol, 🎟
🥉 tickets

Join car team

Hide & Seek

It's hidden somewhere in Singapore. It's big. It's amazing. Look for tips how to find it, drive according to the instructions and be the first to catch it.

🎁 Secret gift — $1000

AI Challenges

Improve your skill

Look at the video above. That's how Jamm's AI works and how it sees the road. It helps you understand how good is your driving and let you know if something is off. Everything to make you safer and aware of improvements you make. Zero punishment.

Free for everyone

AI DashCam

That's right. Our AI cam comes for free for everyone who joins Jamm. Besides its superpower, you can use our cam for your general road safety — record your trips, watch them in the app or keep it for later.


The App

Check your score after each trip, replay the video and manage all of that inside one, smart app. Sync is done automatically over the cloud, without sacrificing your data plan.


Discounted Insurance

Having Jamm onboard you can switch your old policy to AI-driven, individual pricing and forget about bizzare costs. You can switch now or decide later.



Use our partners' special offers and get some money back! We constantly work on the portfolio of perks, so you can count on new things every month.


Lawyer Help

No more disputes with other drivers or guessing who is right. As our member you can contact our legal team to get an advise regarding any road issue. Free of charge.


Mechanic Help

Car problem or concern? Connect with our mechanic to check if your car really needs servicing. One chat and photo is enough to know what's going on.

Interesting questions

What do I need to join?

Simple. Choose between joining for a year or pay with your insurance (renew with us) to get everything you see for free. Then you pick the most suitable time for the cam installation and you are good to go start your reward journey.

Get Jamm

How to get a reward?

After joining you are automatically collecting your score in two challenges: Individual and Constructors'. Leaderboard is closing at midnight on the last day of the current month. Jamm will publish a winner max. after 5 days.

Do I have to pay for Perks?

Absolutely not.
Perks are part of your membership. All drivers get access to them for free when joined us.

May I drive without a cam?

Currently not.
Our AI camera uses an advanced scoring system to analyze your trips and learn your driving style. Thanks to that AI can tell how safe you drive, reward you and give access to the best discounts ie. for the insurance or partners' services.

Do I have to pay for the cam?

When you're joining Jamm you're getting one for free, including a professional installation and eventual servicing.

I need camera specs!

Here it is!

GPU: 1.5 GHz Quad-Core • Memory: 16GB Flash Drive, 1GB RAM • Recording resolution: Full HD (front), 720p (eye camera) • Dimensions & Weight: 13cm x 6cm x 4cm — 350g • Power consumption: 4mAH

Dual-band GPS w/ external antenna
Bluetooth 4.0
4G Wireless

How can I access my videos?

In our App.
Each trip is automatically synced with our encrypted cloud and stored there for 7 days. You can re-play each video as many times you like or keep it for later on your device. Videos sync is done independently and is NOT using your phone's data plan.