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Is Jamm free?

Jamm is a unique trio — AI-powered DashCam + cheaper (than normal) car insurance + the driver app. The free Dash Cam comes with the insurance that we will prepare for you. Even if you already have one, it's OK to switch later.

I'm stuck because I already have some insurance

No, you're not! Jamm welcomes all drivers with whole bunch of different policies. Even if the expiration date is far away, we want to have you onboard now to give you a chance to drive with Jamm. You will switch later.

Does Jamm see the road the same way I do?

Thanks to our revolutionary technology onboard, Jamm can see the road through your eyes. It means that AI (artificial intelligence) can tell if you noticed that yellow light last time or if you remember to look at your back mirror. All of that to give you a crucial feedback on driving style and keep you (and others) safer.

Do I have to take your insurance to get Jamm?

The world of cars works this way that you have to have the insurance. We think that instead of extending your old insurance, you can super-power your driving getting the Jamm trio — a camera, insurance and the app. This way you can get your insurance up to 60% off. Fair and simple.

Does Jamm work as a regular Dash Cam?

Of course!
Even if the AI super-power is in the Jamm's core, you can use the camera as regular Dash Cam. It records the road and you can access the footage via our cloud or download it for your own purposes to your device (mobile or computer).

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