A first DashCam that understands how your eyes connect to the road.

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Two eyes to match yours

Jamm’s superpower is keeping an eye contact with you when driving. Interior lens observes the eye gaze to match them with this what’s on the road.


AI Super-hero

Thanks to the spatial vision, Jamm can recognize objects and people, get a context of your driving and give you crucial feedback when something is off.


And everything you expect from a dash cam

Beside all AI super-powers, Jamm works as well as a regular dash cam. Records in HD and saves all trips with a built-in GPS precision on the fly.

HD Recordings

All video footage is recorded in Full HD and compressed to get an optimal performance and reduce the file size for downloading.

Car-powered & Independent

No need to drain your phone or supply external batteries. Jamm plugs in directly to your car’s battery to always be up and running when needed. It turns off automatically when parked.

7 days of driving footage

A full week of recordings is kept on our secure cloud. You can always download an individual file to your mobile or desktop device if you will to keep it for longer.

Built-in GPS

Jamm is also equipped with a GPS to see the context of your ride and give you correct feedback.

Always connected

You don’t need to sync anything, wait or sacrifice your data plan. Jamm is SIM-powered and runs its own connection to the web.

Camera Specs

1.5 GHz Quad-Core

16GB Flash Drive

Recording resolution
Full HD (front)
720p (inside)

Dimensions & Weight
13cm x 6cm x 4cm • 350g

Power consumption

Dual-band GPS w/ external antenna
Bluetooth 4.0
4G Wireless

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